Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our lives are about to change

Five years of planning, learning, listening, asking, fretting, worrying, being excited, traveling, selling, donating, all comes down to this:

the sense that our lives are about to change.
Yesterday Rhapsody got wet. (So did we with the huge downpours here, but in a different way). 
Rhapsody got launched, and we moved aboard. 
Our new home.

No longer are we just visiting the boat, with a finite timeline, tickets home purchased. This is it. We are home. A home of no fixed address, but nonetheless , our home.

No longer will we have a car, a washer and dryer, a microwave, a TV, easy access to groceries and department stores
Instead we will have a dinghy, and time. Time to search out the nearest laundromat, grocery store, hardware store. Time to seek out the nearest beaches and best diving spots. Time to take living at our own pace, and our own design, controlled more by daytime and nighttime than we are by deadlines and "have-to's".Even where we get somewhere five minutes after it closes (or 15 minutes before they close and they have gone home already), our biggest problem is figuring out how much fun we can have until they open up tomorrow.

How long will we do this? Until it is no longer fun. Hopefully that will be a nice long run.
It is impossible to say if all the time, money, angst and hope are really long term worth it... but we are pretty sure, and ready to find out.

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