Thursday, November 30, 2023

Seven years!

 We interrupt your not-so-regularly scheduled blog post to take a few moments to reflect as we celebrate our 7 year splashiversary (the day Rhapsody was splashed into the water as our home). We bought Rhapsody in 2014, but officially moved aboard in November of 2016. As I look back over my pictures to try to decide what to include it is very daunting to try to cull it down to a reasonable number. So much has happened in 7 years, so many adventures, so many friends, so many changes. 

November 2016 Nanny Cay, BVI

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Rhapsody meets Cyclone Mal

 "When are you leaving the boatyard?"

This was the question the marina management asked us when we came into the office. "There is bad weather coming"

We were well aware of this as we had been watching the reports for days, watching the growing system and realizing that it was headed in our direction.

The problem is, we are "on the hard" meaning that Rhapsody has been hauled out of the water to have some repairs made and some necessary maintenance done. We currently have no prop shaft and the rudder is laying on a pallet under the boat, making it impossible for us to maneuver in the water if we had to be launched, if we even had someplace safe to go to.