Monday, December 18, 2023

I am so confused

Not having a fixed work schedule it is often hard to keep track of the days of the week. That has now been exasperated by crossing the dateline. Most of my contacts are still on the other side of the dateline so I have to keep track of what day it is in North America as well as what day it is here. What days are business days? When are the weekends? My family has a weekly zoom call on Fridays, but now I have to remember to join in on Saturday mornings, Fiji time.

If your birthday is on the 22nd and I want to call you, do I call you when it is the 22nd to me, and the 22st for you, or do I wait until the 23rd for me, which feels late, and call you when it is the 22nd for you. Conversely, if it's my birthday on the 15th, do you wish me early on your 14th or slightly late on your 15th, which feels like an early celebration or a belated greeting from my perspective?

To add another layer of complexity, residing in the Southern Hemisphere means our seasons dance to a different rhythm. While friends and family brace themselves for winter, shorter days and dropping temperatures. Here in Fiji there are really only two seasons, the wet season and the dry season. We are easing into the wet season where it is warmer (hot and sticky) and wetter, with brief torrential downpours. We are  on the shoulder of the wet season, think of it more like spring. And with spring comes the flowers.

The flowers are all blooming here, especially the Flamboyant trees. At least that is the name that I learned to call it, in the Caribbean.  Here in Fiji they call it the Flame Tree. 


Lots of flowers blooming, hedgerows of bougainvillea,  and many very fragrant flowers blooming on a variety of trees.

So, wherever you are, and whatever day it is for you, I hope you are having a great day. Happy holidays to all, whatever and whenever you celebrate! 

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Barbara Namkoong Gooby said...

Merry Christmas (Mele Kelikimake) and Happy New Year!
~Barbara Namkoong Gooby

Rob Heymink said...

G’day Sarah and Bob !
Was good to have met you both briefly in/at Paradise ☺️
Looking forward to following and reading your further travels blogs !

Rob and Sandra

Sarah said...

Nice meeting you Rob, perhaps we will cross paths again!