Monday, November 14, 2016

Slowing down

Moving and doing have been a constant theme since August. Getting rid of most of our possessions, getting the house ready to sell, driving across the country, delivering our goods to be shipped to Rhapsody,
preparing stuff to put in my mother's attic to await our future need for them, flying to the BVI, preparing the boat for launching, working with the contractors to complete the work we needed done, traveling to the USVI to get to our crate (which is a story unto itself), getting the crate, unloading the crate and finding homes in Rhapsody for everything. All the hustle and bustle,  all the emotions, all the changes. It  is exhausting.

Time to slow down.

Time to smell the roses, or the oceanic equivalent.

Time to start enjoying this new life.

We love to hear your comments.

Barb Gooby said...

Take a few deep breaths, have a beer, and enjoy!

Sarah said...

Good advice!

Nathan said...

So tell us the USVI story.

Sarah said...

Coming soon. Patience young grasshopper!

Sarah said...
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