Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy Day

Back in the marina, waiting for workers again. The contractor who is working on the windlass left because rain was coming. The man who is working on our refrigeration called an hour and a half after he said he would come.
"I am sitting in the parking lot, but I am trapped by the rain"

Apparently people in the BVI worry that they might melt.

We have noticed this in other cultures as well. When traveling in Peru, when the rain came down, the rain poncho sellers came out and life stopped as people ran for cover. Having moved from rainy Oregon I guess we have a different viewpoint.
"Rain?" "Ok - we'll get a little wet."

At least the rain here is warm.
Mucky brown waters

It is interesting how quickly the water in the marinas turn brown. A heavy rain in the hills and the waters rush down the slopes and muck up the marinas. Conversely - the waters clean up quickly as well.
Same marina, the usual color.

A side note on the workers here- they are very trusting.
"Pay me later"
"Hold on to this part for a while, if you need it, pay me for it, if you don't need it, just return it to me."

Our electrician was working on the windlass. He looked over and saw another boat entering the Marina .
"I need to go talk to them- they owe me money from work I did six months ago."

I don't know if he ever got the money from them. I hope so. It is important to keep the feeling of trust and good will going.

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A good post. Love the tidbits of information and pics.

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