Thursday, November 24, 2016

Making Rhapsody our home

The upside of sitting in a marina and waiting for workers is the time to organize our boat. We have added many things that need a new resting place and we had many things already on board that needed organizing or eliminating.

Our past visits to the boat have been just that - visits. Two weeks, six weeks, these are not long enough chunks of time to make a place a home. This time is for real. This time we are staying. 

Step one- Make some space, put away as much of the new stuff as we can.

Step two- space by space, cupboard by cupboard, cubby hole by cubby hole we examine. What is in the space now? How do we want to use the space? What can we get rid of? How can we make this a comfortable place to be in?

Bit by bit, Rhapsody is truly becoming our home.

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