Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And the list goes on...

Depth and speed monitors
Battery monitor
Anchor chain
Bimini ...

When we purchased Rhapsody we knew that many of these things would need replacing. Much of this was built into our mental tally of the cost of buying the boat. That knowledge helps ease the sticker shock - but not totally. Not everything on this list has been completely resolved yet, but each piece has been ordered and a plan has been made for it.

The good news is that by being here while the contractors are working, we are watching and asking and learning, not just about the specific items that are being fixed/replaced/installed, but also on how these things fit into the system as a whole, preventative maintenance and what we can fix ourselves next time, particularly if we are in a place where we have only ourselves to rely upon.

Not exactly sailing school, but certainly cruising school. Things we need to know as we venture further afield .

We laughingly say- "If it is not one thing, it is six others"

I am certainly hoping that we are reaching the end of the list, there are so many other lists I would rather be working on!

We love to hear your comments.

Palma said...

Please include photos of yourSELVES 'messing about in boats'.

Sarah said...

That's Bob on the left - or part of him anyways. He doesn't take many pictures (ironically for someone with an art degree who studied photography) and I really don't like selfies! However, you are not the first to comment on this. I will try to do better!

Larry said...

Well I have to agree with Palma - more candid photos.

Sarah said...

Working on it. We have some plans to stage more candid photos.