Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Moving the stuff, the story of our crate - part 1

How to get our belongings from Oregon to the British Virgin Islands. This has been a subject of debate and consternation ever since we bought Rhapsody. We have been able to bring some with us  when we came down for vacations,  but there always seemed to be more.
On our last "vacation" trip we discovered St. John's Hardware store. They ship merchandise on a weekly basis from Jacksonville Florida to Cruz Bay, St. Thomas,  US Virgin Islands. For a small administrative fee, plus their cost of shipping they will allow you to add to their container, you just have to get your goods to Jacksonville.
We discussed shipping to Jacksonville,  mailing, muleback, camel, all manner of possibilities. They all seemed prohibitively expensive. We finally hit on the idea of building a crate which would serve double duty. 1) We could load it on top of the truck and drive it to Jacksonville and 2) we could place it, lock stock and barrel, right in the container to be shipped to St. Thomas.
It is so nice to have a partner who is handy with tools. 

Within a day Bob had constructed the crate, reinforced it, painted it, caulked it, and was ready to start loading it. 
Loaded up, we drove from Oregon, to Texas to North Carolina, where the crate was unloaded and reloaded. We left some things in North Carolina (warm clothing, sheet music, pictures etc),  and loaded in some things that we had used on our trip across country (our Sleep Number bed being the biggest item- fortunately it is an air bed and can be greatly reduced in size). Next stop, South Carolina to visit more family and a day trip to Jacksonville.

5500 miles from Oregon to Texas to NC to SC to Jacksonville to NC.
Crate delivered to Jacksonville.  Next stop USVI (to be continued)

We love to hear your comments.

Palma said...

Am enjoying your comments along your journey! (Larry's sister)

Sarah said...

Thanks. We are trying to get Larry to come visit us on the boat.

Sarah said...

Come with him.

Palma said...

I know he WANTS to! and Thanks!

Barb Gooby said...

Why are there sheep floating around the Bob Box picture?
Also, I have been considering a Sleep Number bed - is it really great?

Sarah said...

I have no idea why the sheep are floating. I found the box in my mother's attic and it made me laugh. The Sleep Number bed has been wonderful for us. Bob likes to sleep on bricks, and I like a nice feather bed. This way we can each find our own comfort level and still be together.

Kim P said...

Love hearing about your adventure. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah said...

Thanks Kim. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.