Sunday, April 2, 2017

Begin with a waterfall and end with a waterfall

Waterfall to waterfall. We began our day at the waterfall of Emerald Pool and we ended with the double waterfalls of Trafalgar. Both of these falls are very popular destinations for the cruise ships crowds, but we timed it perfectly.  We were at the Emerald Pool before the crowds arrived and we hit Trafalgar after they had returned to the ship. Both areas were empty which made them oh so much more enjoyable.

The left hand falls of Trafalgar

The right hand falls of Trafalgar

Enjoying the chance to sit and soak it all in.

Sulphur Springs with a warm pool to soak your feet in.

The amazing Tree Fern

Sailing past the southwest  coast of Dominica with its colorful houses and steep mountains.

Taking down the Dominican courtesy flag. The lines got tangled and Bob had to hoist me up to retrieve it.

Goodbye Dominica, we will be back.

On to Martinique.

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