Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our Schedule

Our schedule falls under one of 4 categories,
1) Do it Now- not really, just pretty soon,
2) In a while - somewhere within 1 -3 hours if we haven't forgotten or been distracted or become hungry
3) Some time today - maybe, maybe not today
4) Later- the catch bin of everything we know we should be doing, but find a way to put off.  Do I actually need to do that today?

Somewhere intertwined are the have to dos, like eating, reading after eating, and napping after reading. And don't forget swimming.
We are thriving nicely on this schedule and the boat chores, shopping, communication needs, navigation somehow seem to find a place and time, just not before another quick swim and lazy nap.

Finding new excuses for things we aren't yet doing is a constant challenge, yet somehow we manage.

Another day wasted in Paradise.

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