Saturday, August 1, 2015

My local swimming pool

I love to swim. Being able to dive off my front porch into a warm pool is a dream come true for me. We are swimming 2 to 3 times a day. A refreshing wake - up dip, a mid day cool down dip and an evening wash off the day dip. Occasionally there are optional additional dips thrown in.

Swimming in the clear turquoise water, watching the schools of fish below me, the pelicans above. It just makes me smile. But carefully so I don't get a mouthful of salt water!

In envisioning being on the boat I was wondering how I would get my swimming in, the way I like to swim. I thought about being visible to other boats, and other safety concerns. What I have discovered is that one lap about the boat is about 50 feet plus 25 feet for the dinghy and mooring line X 2 = 150 feet per lap. A mere 36 laps gives me a mile. I haven't yet done that - but give me some time...

Interestingly when the boat is anchored or moored, it turns so that the nose of the boat is always into the wind and/or current (not always the same direction ) so swimming up one side of the boat feels like I am swimming slightly uphill,  and when I round the mooring ball it and head to the stern of the boat it feels slightly downhill. 

Last night there was quite a strong breeze, and quite a chop in the water. It was a struggle to get to the bow. When I turned the corner and headed back to the stern it was completely different. I thought perhaps one side of the boat was shielded from the wind and that was the side that I came back on. I wanted to test my theory, so I turned and swam the opposite direction. I was completely wrong, it was just an illusion. Swimming on the "downhill" side you are swimming in the direction of the waves and the wind, and they all but disappear.  However, in order to experience that you have to work your way uphill first!

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