Sunday, January 24, 2016

Animal highlights

There were several animal highlights on this trip. One of them was watching the Brown Boobies and pelicans dive bombing at Cane Garden Bay. There were dozens of them in groups. They would swoop up in unison, and then rain down on the fish like arrows shot from the air.
This video is not ours, they are blue footed boobies, not the brown ones we saw, and there are more boobies in this video than we saw, however, the diving motion is the same. You can definitely feel the power of the dive, and sense the coordination among them.

Here is another example of wildlife that we saw. Again this is not our video, and I only saw one, however I did see a manta flying through the air. It was a first for me.

Always a favorite- I got to see octopi on 2 different occasions, in very shallow water.
I wish that this was my video- but enjoy it anyway!

I do have to say the low-light of our animal spotting was all of the cruise ship tourists in Cane Garden Bay!(again- not our picture) (I was going to put a picture of the people- but I didn't want to insult anyone- just picture in your own mind the loud obnoxious tourists!)

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