Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's official!

I have turned in my letter saying that I am retiring as of the end of this school year.
Happy Dance

Our plan is two-fold. We will be going to the boat this summer, for six weeks as soon as school is out.

We will stay there until the beginning of August- skirting the hurricane season (June or July through October) and then return to Florence.

Once we are in Florence we will be finishing up the the purging of our belongings with the assistance of Rivers, finalizing the house for the market and beginning a trek across the northern States.

Our current plan is to be on the boat full time early November. Hurricane season will be over, and we will be on board ready to go wherever the wind and whims take us.

We are so excited to be starting this new phase in our lives. It is the culmination of a 5 year plan- and we are eager to take the next steps!

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