Saturday, January 16, 2016

Internet frustrations

This trip was very frustrating in dealing with the Internet. In previous trips we had issues connecting, so for this trip we had purchased a WiFi extender, with the the promise of up to a 7 mile range. While it did greatly increase the range of the WiFi that we could access the vast majority of WiFi signals that we could pick up were locked or password protected.

We did find some open WiFi signals, but even with the extender they were too weak to be of any use on the boat. One restaurant had a free WiFi, but even in the restaurant you had to be right on top of the signal to be able to get any reception. You could not even be sitting at the other end of the bar, let alone on a boat out in the harbor!

Another option is to buy access to the Internet. I finally broke down and paid for 10 hours of Internet on the World Internet Service. Even that was pretty spotty in the one harbor that we were anchored in. After that harbor the signal for that Internet service never appeared again, so we left with about 9 hours of unused Internet time.

I hope that we will find some other solutions next time we are at the boat, but for now- that is the reason for the delay in posting to the blog.

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