Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Guest Blog "my Christmas Vacation"

Written by Jane after visiting with us on Rhapsody for a week:

1.  The Sun shines most of the daytime.  When it rains, it does not last more than 5 minutes   
     and a rainbow often follows.

2.  Sarah and Bob are very cautious sailors.  The boat, "Rhapsody" handles the waves very
      gently, feels strong and sturdy.

3.  Put your life into neutral and be waited on hand and foot.   

4.  Enjoy all the many different shades of blue.

5.  Increase your vocabulary...all those sailing words...see them in person...

6.  Snorkel,  see ray fish, blue fish, stripped fish, yellow fish, yellow and blue fish, black fish,
     coral, and sea urchins...and more...

7. Check out the cost of a sailing cruise for a week...Lucky if you can find one for under
    $2,500,  Sarah and Bob give a better deal...

8.  Explore the land, historic places, new plants and animals.  See the latest fashions on
     bodies at the beach, meet people from all over the world.

9.  Star gazing, sun rise and sunsets are available daily.

10. And when you get home you can continue rocking for several days as you pick up where
      you left off.

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