Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pleasant Iowa

What did you do today?
It was a nice day.
 With lots of corn.

Corn, corn, soybeans and more corn.

The soybeans are a darker green than the corn, and a much shorter plant. Soybeans are planted as a crop rotation with the corn to replace nutrients to the soil.

We took the scenic route whenever possible and avoided the interstates. The ioIo welcome center and the free Iowa maps did a nice job of steering us to the nature preserves and the scenic routes. Surprisingly few cars, much better views and not a great deal of time difference.

While we didn't see the covered bridges, we did see several bridges in Madison County. (A cheap reference to the movie "The Bridges of Madison County")

We were pleased to find a nature hike in the trees by a river, out in the prairie the sun was blazing hot.

(Picture to come later due to slow internet!)
Even the bison were taking it easy.

Iowa, a very pleasant day. 
On to South Dakota.

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