Friday, July 20, 2018

Rhapsody on the Brown

Rhapsody, our home on the water, is no longer in the water. It is always odd to see her out of her element. Increasingly we are finding that we too feel slightly out of our element when we return to land. We have grown so accustomed to the gentle roll of the ocean that we find ourselves missing it when Rhapsody is on the hard.

We are temporarily returning to land life. We are going on vacation and Rhapsody is not going with us. She will remain behind and receive some needed repairs and improvements while we trek across the United States.

Rhapsody will get a new bottom job, new rigging and various other repairs that can be done while we are off the boat. It is always a bit nerve wracking to have work done while we are away, but that is what we have decided to do. Imagine having contractors work on your house while you are gone. You have to trust the contractors. We researched the boatyard and the workers, and on recommendations of friends we feel we have left Rhapsody in good hands.

One of the projects to be tackled is the transom ( our back deck). Some of the teak was soft and squishy. We knew it was going to need to be replaced, but we assumed it was teak over fiberglass. When the teak was removed there was a hole, leading into the bilge. Surprise! We are glad to be having this fixed.

We flew out of Grenada, over Prickly Bay where we had been anchored, and into the US. We have already spent time in Miami, and both North and South Carolina. It is taking a bit of adjustment for us, both being on land and being back in the United States.

We have seen turtles in the swamps of South Carolina and

Sunflowers in the fields of North Carolina. We are excited to be exploring again, and above all to see family and friends, but we will certainly be happy to return to Rhapsody in September.

We love to hear your comments.

Tilla said...

Looking forward to seeing you!

Unknown said...

You are living a wonderful dream. Thanks for sharing it with us!