Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Underwater Sculpture Park

As divers we were familiar with the underwater sculptures in Grenada. They were actually one of the first underwater sculpture parks. We were looking forward to experiencing it ourselves.

There are over 65 individual sculptures,  many attached together to form a larger vignette. They are not marked, nor are they easy to find. It is rather like a scavenger hunt, trying to find them all.

The most well known one is called Vicissitudes and is comprised of statues of 26 children standing, holding hands in a ring and looking outwards. Installed 2007, depth 14 feet.

The sculptures have been designed to promote coral growth. The corals are beginning to grow and they are forming some rather grotesque looks on the faces of the children.

Some of the sculptures are propped up on the coral outcroppings.

And some are just lying in the sand. This one is entitled Grace Reef and is comprised of 16 statues, based on a Grenadian woman, lying face down on the sea floor. I found it a little disturbing! 

Bob heading down to The Lost Correspondent 

Depth 22 feet. Installed in 2006.

Not sure what the name of this one is.

The whole area was full of a variety of fish and Caribbean Reef Squid. Here are some Sergeant Majors patrolling the statues.  

 We really enjoyed searching for the statues. I know we didn't find them all, so we will have to return some day to complete the search.

And a wonderful sunset after an afternoon of snorkeling the statues. 

Life is good.

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