Thursday, October 19, 2017

Free food

The fruits and vegetables on many of these tropical islands are abundant.  We took a hike on Tobago from Charlotteville to Fort Cambleton  and although there was not much left of the fort the views were spectacular. 
Looking out over Man-O-War Bay

The view back to Charlotteville and its fishing fleet

This cannon could be aimed over toward Rhapsody in the background there.

It was on the hike up to the top that we began to see the fruits in the gutters. First it was the mangos, just a few at the beginning and then hundreds of them.

Then came the passion fruit and guavas 

And the avocados.

Bob by a giant breadfruit tree. 

Avocados and guava and passion fruit and mangos and oranges. Other finds along the walk included the white scarf here and a Trinidad and Tobago flag. 

Although this resembles a slab of meat, it is not. It is a chunk of wood that Bob picked up with hopes of carving it sometime soon.

Not bad looking for roadside scavenging! 

And at the bottom of the hill, a restaurant which was very full, in spite of its name!

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Unknown said...

What wonderful finds!

Sarah said...

Wonderful, and delicious!