Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Which way do I look?

The British drive on the left, the French drive on the right. Traveling in the British countries we think to ourselves- "drive left, look right", referring to checking for traffic when crossing the street. Adding to the confusion, in the BVI the steering wheels are on the left, even though they are driving on the left. In the other Caribbean countries that drive on the left the steering wheel is on the right, unless they are on the left, but then they are usually labeled "left hand drive".

The countries we have been visiting have been alternating French and British all leading to total confusion when we approach a street. Which side are the cars on? Which direction do we look? All past experiences and general sense of the correct way to look is useless. We find that we simply look both directions, our heads on a swivel, checking several times just to be sure. We look quite confused to anyone who is watching.

Then let's try driving. We have rented a car on several islands, both left hand and right hand drive. We became very happy to find one way streets and tried to avoid roundabouts whenever possible as they present quite a challenge just trying to figure out which direction to circle.

In spite of all the obstacles,  we have found that renting cars gives us a chance to explore parts of the islands away from the anchorages, to see parts of the islands we just don't see from the boat.

These pictures are from one of those excursions - on Dominica.
Wonderful colors on these boats

Shadow pictures

Walking on the bamboo leaves covering the trail
Flamboyant Trees

Heleconia, always a favorite of mine.

Trying to save their Giant Ditch Frog, almost wiped out by a deadly fungus.

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Unknown said...

Love your photos! Feels like I'm there with you...

Sarah said...

Thanks Charlotte. It would be nice if you were actually here!