Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Birds and the Trees

Another post in pictures. These are from the Botanical Gardens in Deshais,  Guadeloupe.

Seeing all the birds there was definitely a highlight.
Many of them allowed us to get very close.

The hummingbirds were all around, and some were even kind enough to stop and pose

And this bird on a banana blossom 

I would tell you more about the trees and birds, but all the signs were in French.
I took this picture because we had seen these pods hanging from a tree in Antigua.
I was hoping to figure out what they were by translating this.
I haven't done it yet!
Love the heliconia! 
This sign made me smile.
I figure it would make a good boat name.
Or a good band name.
" The Psycho Sperm " 

Found this little one sitting on a garbage can.
It is obviously in the process of shedding its skin.

Does this make me a tree hugger, or a tree huggee?
I'm really OK with either one!

After a lovely day at the Botanical Gardens we returned to drama at the anchorage. 
Stay tuned for our next post...

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