Friday, April 22, 2022

Moving on

 The time has come to move to another place. There is still so much to share about the Galapagos, stories and pictures, but it will have to wait. I will post them when we return to the world of the internet. We are on our way to French Polynesia, specifically the Marquesas. This will be our longest passage yet, by far, 3000 nautical miles from the Galapagos to our next landfall in Nuku Hiva. 

That's a lot of blue! 

Our passage should take 20ish days. That's 20 day without shoes, 20 days without internet, 20 days without buying anything and 20 days without seeing any land. 

You can follow our path at

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Our passage preparations are done, most of our non perishables were purchased in Panama so all we had to purchase in the Galapagos was the fresh produce. Fortunately it is readily accessible and relatively cheap here. We loaded up on fruits and veggies, we downloaded books to read and podcasts to listen to. We tested our satellite phone and updated our chartplotter.

I think we are ready, at least as ready as we can be. The weather looks good, we will be sailing downwind. Looking forward to the next phase!

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