Saturday, November 27, 2021

Where the heck is Sarah?

 Did she unfriend me? Is she ghosting me? Am I just missing her posts? Sarah who? I can't seem to find her on Facebook or Messenger. Sometimes all I can see is "Facebook User".

No, I didn't unfriend you, Facebook has unfriended me, or so it seems. Some of you noticed, some of you commented and I'm sure many didn't even know I wasn't on Facebook anymore. A few months ago I got a message that someone had accessed my account from Chesapeake Maryland and that I should change my password to secure my account. Facebook sent a security code to my email account saying they need to verify my email. I was able to go into Facebook to change my password but when I entered the security code I got the message that the code was not valid. When I tried to use my new password I got the message that they were sending a verification code to my phone. When, several years ago, Facebook started asking for telephone numbers for 2 part verification we were already living full-time on Rhapsody with an ever-changing phone number depending on which country we were in. For this reason I never gave them a phone number. Facebook does not have my phone number. Facebook is trying to send a verification code to some phone number unknown to me.

Why do I want to be on Facebook? There are certainly very valid reasons to boycott Facebook as I am sure most people are aware, from politics to privacy, I can come up with many valid reasons to just stay off Facebook.  However, as a full time cruiser with lots of friends who are also cruisers and are spread all over the world, Facebook has become a very good way to keep up with these friends, to follow them in their journeys and to let friends and family know what we are up to,  which country we are in,  where we are headed and which boat parts need to be fixed now. Facebook is also a very good way to glean information for our next destination or country.  Many areas have Facebook pages such as Panama Cruisers, or Bonaire Cruisers which have become good places to get the lowdown on arriving in a new place.  What is the best place to anchor? What are the latest Covid rules and regulations? How do I get ashore for groceries? Once we are in the area, Messenger serves as a local bulletin board announcing available activities or assistance on getting parts and services in a new area. 

After doing some research I discovered that I could, in theory, bypass the two factor identification requirement by sending in my ID. Facebook says it is sending a code to my phone,  then in small print there is a message saying that you can send in ID so that they can verify you if you no longer have access to the phone number they have on file.  It took some experimentation to discover that this will not work on an Android device,  but will only work on a computer.  After several attempts I finally got a reply:

 Dear Sarah, 

 Thanks for confirming your identity. Please click the link below to finish the account recovery process: 

 and a link was provided 

 If you have any other questions related to login approvals, please respond to this message and we’ll be happy to help you, 


 Facebook Security

I was relieved, at last, a solution to my problem.

 I clicked on the link. 

I was taken to the Facebook login page. 

I typed in the code they sent me, and I got the message that I have annotated below:

Being ever the optimist, I tried again. I sent in my ID, again, I got a response, again, and another code. The result was exactly the same. 

Remembering the second part of their message:

 If you have any other questions related to login approvals, please respond to this message and we’ll be happy to help you, 


 Facebook Security

I responded to the message. The address that popped up was

I even tried to send a message here, following instructions, but of course I got no response. When I looked at the email on my laptop another address popped up : however the result was still the same,  no response. Facebook is faceless, no person to contact, no department to plead my case to, just the same circle over and over.

It is obvious that Facebook knows who I am. They have verified my ID several times and I keep getting messages in my email that my friends are posting on Facebook,  just click  here! But it is just a tease, they won't let me in.

I am putting out a plea to anyone out there that might have a solution or another avenue to try. I may just be starting another account. The disadvantages of that include losing any memories and pictures on Facebook and losing access to classes I have paid for. In addition I will now have to send friend requests to all my friends again. How many of those people will say something to the effect of "I'm not responding to this friend request, we are already friends, this must be a scam!" I am sure that I would think that if I was in a similar situation! So, if you do see a new request from me, please do not report it to Facebook as an imposter, I can see that opening up a whole new can of worms!

Any suggestions out there? Anyone know Mark Zuckerberg's number?

We love to hear your comments.

XineM said...

Everybody has Zuckerberg's number. He's unable to get to your call right now but, if you leave your name and take a number—preferably with 2-step verification—he'll get back to you.

XineM said...

My 2¢

1. Your friends are still your friends. Bob or Rivers could access your old profile because it hasn't been closed.
2.They can see a list of all your friends. Maybe it's downloadable. If not, they can take screenshots.At least you'll have a record.
3. Open a new account.
4. Make friends with Bob or Rivers. Now he is a mutual friend of both Sarahs.
5. He can probably share a lot of your posts and photos with you.
6. He may be able to leave a message on your old wall to explain the situation.

It's a lot of work but you've got time it's still a pandemic.

Dad said...

If I had the know how I'd start up a competition to FACEBOOK, GET VERY WEALTHY by eliminating the BULL.