Friday, February 15, 2019

Animals in Cartegena

Sloths and monkeys,
Pigeons wearing spats
Bright red squirrels
Parakeets and Vultures
These were some of the animals we saw deep in the heart of the city of Cartegena in a three block square park.

This is a three toed sloth up in a tree, in a park, next to a busy street. If you look carefully you can see the baby sloth tucked up by its momma's belly.

Here is a video of momma sloth moving to her sleeping spot for the night.

Interesting fact: In English we call them three toed sloths, in Spanish they are "perizosos de tres dedos" or "lazy of three toes"

I know it is just a pigeon, but the coloring is so striking, and how often do you see a pigeon wearing spats?

In the same park we also saw capuchin monkeys.

How can you resist that face?

They liked the watermelon, but not as much as bananas that they were offered.

And check out the length of that tail!

The red squirrels were leaping among the branches.

I have never seen a squirrel quite so red.

Up in the trees and on the ground were the iguanas.

Normally slow moving or sleeping on a branch, they could also scoot surprising fast when they wanted to.

This is a video of this same iguana climbing a tree. 

All of these animals were wild animals in the city park. They were not caged in, but those that could not fly were unable to leave their green oasis in the city. They had no other green areas that they could safely get to. It was hard enough for us to cross the street, impossible for a sloth to do so. Nontheless, it was amazing to see all of these animals up close in a semi natural state.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful photos of these unique animals.

Sarah said...

Thanks. It was pretty amazing to see them.