Sunday, January 27, 2019

Road trip to Cartegena

The bay is dirty and crowded
You will have to hire an agent to check you in and out
It is not safe

Whether or not these things are true we heard them from enough sources that we decided to go to Cartegena overland rather than take Rhapsody, so we packed a bag and headed out. We were very fortunate that our friend Dave on Motu Iti had rented a car and was headed to Cartegena Airport to pick up his wife, so we hitched a ride with him as far as the airport and then caught a taxi the rest of the way to our hotel.

The road in front of the hotel was small and crowded. Cars parked by the side of the road, people walking, sellers setting up stands. Our taxi was crawling along and finally we decided that it would be faster if we just got out and walked. We paid the taxi driver and walked the rest of the way to our hotel.

Later that evening we went out for a walk and we're shocked at the difference in the street. The parked cars were gone, the traffic was almost gone.

We couldn't believe this was the same street! You can see how narrow the street is. Imagine our taxi trying to make its way during the day with cars parked along this street and vendors setting up their wares.

We were in the Casa Viejo, the Old Town area, the Walled City of Cartegena. It was an interesting juxtapositions of 16th century architecture in a 21st century city.

We walked along the wall, enjoying the lights of the city.

The buildings were brightly lit, the touristy horse drawn carriages passed through the streets.

Many of the streets had lights or flags overhead, creating a very festive, welcoming feel.

The parks had decorative lights as well.

And it all reflected across the waters.

Scattered around the city are many sculptures.

We had great fun interacting with the art.

Many of the sculptures had a musical theme.

And a good time was had by all.

Stay tuned for the animals of the Cartegena parks...

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Unknown said...

Cartagena looks charming! Can't wait to hear about Panama.