Friday, October 12, 2018

Camp Grenada

There is a reason the cruising community calls it "Camp Grenada", there are so many activities to do and people to meet.

There is a very active "morning net" on the VHF radio every morning listing all the activities, coming and goings of boats, things to buy and sell and just general announcements and help for anyone who requests it, so not only are all these activities going on, there is a great communication network to get the word out.

We have spent over 6 months here (over two summers) and have made some great friends, gotten many a repair/ upgrade to Rhapsody and participated in many activities.


Mexican train dominoes, hashes and hiking, Texas hold-em poker


Music on the beach,

Sunday Fun days, bocce balls, swimming and snorkeling,
And most of all, good friends to hang out with. Gonna miss this crowd!
It has been a blast, but now it is time to move on. Back to Bonaire for lots of diving, and then Colombia, Panama and beyond. Lots of new territories in our future. We are excited.

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