Saturday, September 29, 2018

We're Ba-a-a-ck

Back in Grenada.
Back to Rhapsody.
Spending some hot and sticky time in the boatyard.

We had a lot of work done on Rhapsody this summer. This is what she looked like when we hauled her out.

This is what she looks like now. All smooth and pretty and coppery. The bottom is now a mix of epoxy and copper. The theory being that it will last longer and inhibit growth more. We are hoping that is exactly what will happen. Results really won't be known for some time down the road,  We'll be keeping an eye on it.

We also had some work done on the transom ( back porch). The teak was a little soft and spongy so we knew it had to be replaced. We hadn't counted on there being a hole underneath the teak! Actually two holes, one on each side.

Now we have a white non skid transom. Not as esthetically pleasing, but it is solid and not leaking water into our bilge.

Life in a boatyard is not fun. Climbing up and down the ladder multiple times a day ( and sometimes night). The bathrooms are on the other side of the yard. Sometimes it takes some careful planning! 

Bathroom sign in Grenada Marine

No breeze, no cooling water, the sun beating down on the boat, the mosquitoes buzzing. I told Bob that if this was what cruising was like I would have called it quits in a heartbeat.

Fortunately boatyard time ( and almost as bad, Marina time) is a minuscule portion of the cruising time. Which is fortunate as those are by far the most expensive parts of cruising.

Back to Grenada and wonderful genips. To eat a genip you bite the tough outside to get it to split.

And suck on the fruit inside. There is a large pit (seed?) so you can't just swallow the fruit. Creamy, tart and tangy. What a nice welcome back to Grenada.

Back in the water. You can hear the sighs of relief from Bob, Sarah and Rhapsody. Good to be back afloat again.

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Mark and Cindy - sv Cream Puff said...

Glad you are back and the boat looks good. You are braver than us staying in the yard. We rented a nice little house when we hauled there for about $50 per night.