Sunday, December 11, 2016

Waiting for a fix

It has been two weeks of waiting to get our windlass. Two weeks of being limited as to where we can go and what we can do. Hoping that we made the right decisions. Anxious to be moving on.

Here is a poem Bob wrote about it:

Waiting for a fix

It's not abating, this endless waiting.
I'm sure I'd much prefer
Less agitating and long debating
For something to occur.
We'll get no traction without more action
But we wait for others to prove
Just what's essential or at least preferential
To put us back in the groove.
Impatience abounding for what is now sounding
Like something that won't get done
Stretches good graces and causes long faces
While watching the setting sun.
We had a plan, ideas so grand
We cannot now attend,
But the best solution takes evolution
So we won't have to fix it again.
So we wait and we wonder, was it smart or a blunder
To think we should get it repaired.
Should we have done without it, I surely won't doubt it
Once the bill for waiting is shared.

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