Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We have sold our home of 23 years. For our son, Rivers, almost a lifetime. The house that we remodeled and doubled in size, completely changed the interior and much of the exterior as well. Full of wood and storage and lofts and skylights. Harry Potter even had his own room under the stairs.

It was a work of art. We all put work into it, but none more than Bob. His craftsmanship was evident throughout the house. The first word our listing agent wrote on the description of the house- "stunning".

And now it is sold.

To the listing agent.

She fell in love with it the first time she saw it. I knew someone would, it was that type of house. Not for everyone, but someone would love it. And she does.
People have asked us if we are sad to let it go. Really not. Letting it go is what is allowing us to live on Rhapsody and enter a new phase in our lives.
We were ready. It was a 5 year plan, and took a great deal of work to get everything ready. It is a relief to have it sold. Sold before the weather turned bad and the selling season ended. Sold before the uncertainty of the next Presidential Administration does whatever it is going to do to the economy. Sold before we ran short of money trying to keep up both a boat and a house.

Sure, there is some sadness. There are a lot of memories associated with that house. It was a great place to come home to at the end of the day. It was a great place to host friends and family. The outdoors around us was stunning. Mature trees, privacy and quiet neighborhood. Just a short distance away were the sand dunes and the ocean and paths through the woods. We loved sharing it all with people.

I did have some concerns about letting it go, mostly wondering how Rivers would feel about it. It was his childhood home, the place he could come home to if it was ever a necessity, such as transition times in his life. So I asked him. "How do you feel about us selling the house?" Without hesitation he replied "go for it".

I love that guy.

So, on to the next phase. New memories to be made and a new place to come home to. The outdoors is stunning, and we look forward to sharing it with people.

Come see our new floating home.

We love to hear your comments.

Tilla said...

So happy for you! Another piece of the plan coming together. Wonderful that the house is going to someone who really loves it.

Unknown said...

It was/is an awesome house. Nope it is home..

Sarah said...

Thanks Tilla. Selling it to someone who loves it is quite a bonus.

Sarah said...

It was/is awesome. Now it can be awesome for someone else and it allows us new experiences.

Stacy Butler said...

Wow Sarah. You are on a great adventure. Sorry we didnt see you these past years. Now you are far away but looks like a good place!

Sarah said...

It is a good place. Hope your life is going well.