Friday, July 29, 2016

Time for the next anchorage

When you see the restaurant staff setting up all the beach umbrellas and chairs you know two things are true.

1) The cruise ships are in dock
2) It is time to move to another anchorage.

This beach was virtually empty yesterday, and half an hour after this picture was taken there were hundreds of people in the chairs and in the water.

We left the beach and dinghied back to the boat to find ourselves as a corner marker for water skiers, jet skiers and the large banana float filled with screaming tourist being towed past our bow.

As we are readying to pull up anchor, two catamarans passed us very closely on one side while on the other side was a monohull so close that the dinghy that he was towing almost hit our boat. He never even looked at us as he passed by.

Time for a new anchorage. Fortunately there is a very quiet one just around the corner.

Aah, that's better 

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