Monday, August 1, 2016

What is that critter?

Just being in the water, snorkeling or diving, is greatly enjoyable, but adding to the fun is identifying the fish, corals and other critters. We are getting much better at naming things that we see and a big reason for that is our library of identification book

After every dive/snorkle we come back to Rhapsody and discuss what we have seen and look up fish that we have not yet identified. 

 The books are wonderful as they not only tell us the names of things, but where they are found, their habits and habitats and how they react to divers.

Many fish are difficult to identify because not only do they change colors minute to minute, the juveniles often look totally different from the adults causing you to think they are two different fish.
French Angelfish Juvenile 
French Angelfish Adult

Conversely looking at the books will give us fish to keep an eye out for. We have yet to identify the Slippery Dick despite searching for it, more for the giggles over the name than for the beauty or uniqueness of the fish.

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