Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Our First Outing in Sydney

 A sunny afternoon on day one in ‘Oz’ , as the locals call it, and Sarah and I walked about a mile to the Art Museum of New South Wales.  About 70 degrees and calm as we experience ‘down under’ autumn. This quite large spider commands attention outside the entrance.

On the hillside behind another large sculpture.

Just inside the entry Sarah gives some scale to the fanciful images.

These stacked pottery columns below reminded me of others we’ve seen in the US, but I can’t remember where. Maybe Seattle?

This ceiling installation was a nice surprise moving gently with the air conditioning drafts.

Above is a favorite from the contemporary abstract gallery, and below a very interesting piece of suspended river rocks. To me it seemed to hold still while almost moving.

A vibrant Stella.

A painting on the back wall really caught my eye. The first figure on the left is dressed in discarded video tape.

Sunny and mild in Sidney.

Off to explore other parts of Australia's East Coast

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Barbara Namkoong Gooby said...

That's a big NOPE on the spider, but everything else was very cool!