Friday, December 9, 2022

Coming home...wherever that is

Traveling, exploring, seeing new things. This is the life that we have chosen. And even though we are carried by our home to explore new places and try new things, we still find areas that become more familiar to us. Returning to Tahiti after 3 weeks in Tikihau atoll  I got the distinct feeling of returning home, returning to the familiar. A place where we know how to get around and where to buy groceries and boat parts. A place where there are groceries and boat parts that we can buy.

Approaching the Island of Tahiti. Our red fender at the bow adds a festive holiday touch!

There are pros and cons to both being in the city and cruising in a remote areas.  There are opportunities for entertainment,  eating out and shopping for needed boat parts. With the city comes schedules and lists. Doctor/ dentist appointments, what day should we rent a car, what parts do we need and what do we need to repair or replace before we head back out to less populated areas. However, the city can also be loud, crowded, and hectic. Traffic can be a nightmare and the expenses are much higher.

On the other hand, being in a remote area  we get to can enjoy the beauty of nature, go snorkeling, or swim with the manta rays.  The peacefulness and serenity of a remote area can be incredibly rejuvenating and allow us to disconnect from the modern world. However, being  in a remote area can also come with its challenges. There may be limited access to groceries, fuel and boat parts, and it can be more difficult to get around without a car, relying only on our dinghy to get us to shore and then walking to whatever we can find. 

While passing through a gap in the fringing reef,  we returned to Tahiti and we pick up a hitchhiker.  He used our boat's wake to draft and followed us along for a mile. We see many canoeists out practicing,  morning and evening,  training for local races.

We try to find a balance between the two, enjoying the serenity of the remote areas until we have to return to the modern conveniences to stock up on food and make any necessary repairs so that we can head back to remote areas and enjoy their beauty.

On a separate note I am trying to find a balance that works for getting information out. In the past few months I have been posting more photos on Instagram and on Facebook and writing fewer blog posts. I would love some feedback as to what you would like to see, and where and in what format you would like to see it. Thanks for your input. 

We love to hear your comments.

jane said...

Ilove your blogs. And the pictures. Keep them coming. xxx your oldest acquaintance.

Mary G said...

Always loving both blog and pics. Blogs tend to
Give a little more of everything. Keep posting!!!

Sarah said...

Jane, I think your sister might feel that she is my oldest acquaintance!

Unknown said...

Love hearing from you and yours in whatever media you wish to send it. This last post worked very well for me. Loved the photos!

== Eric

Sarah said...

Thanks Eric.