Thursday, April 16, 2020

Just like living on a boat!

Life with Corona!   

Friends and family ask, "what is it like living on a boat?" Well- now, those of you staying at home, for the most part- you know! 

There are so many similarities to the current stay-at-home situation that we found not too many adjustments had to be made! When we are on an ocean passage we have no choice but to stay at home. We can't run out to the grocery store or the hardware store. We can't go to a restaurant or to the movies. I wanted to look at some of the similarities.

Fortunately the shelves at the grocery store are well stocked

Let's start with prepping. Do we have enough food to last? We need to plan for the length of the passage as well as a buffer in case something goes awry. This carries right into the stay at home where we don't know how long this will last and will the grocery store have the items next time I go? Lots of canned goods and paper products (if you can!). Fresh fruits and veggies, but we have to be careful. How much can we use before it goes bad? Potatoes and onions and cabbage can last a while, tomatoes and avocados go quickly so we plan our meals accordingly, hoping not to end up with potato cabbage stew for too many days.

At the beginning of a journey/ stay at home situation, we have energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound, we are well rested and ready for  what is to come, with plans for projects that we can get done. Sleep patterns start to change, exaggerating our natural tendencies, not interrupted by an alarm, or work or meetings to get to. Soon the days of the week start to merge together. What day is today? Does it really matter? The time both goes slowly and then suddenly the day is over. What did we accomplish? At least on a passage we can tick off the miles traveled and the distance left to travel. 

Laundry Day!

Exercising in a small space is a skill I have learned. What can I grab onto to aid in stretching, where is there room for push-ups or (careful) jumping jacks? Living on a boat forces us to be move and interact in a very small space. Learning how to be together 24/7 and also learning how to find ways to be apart, to have space from each other. Interpersonal relations are heightened, differences can be exacerbated but need to be resolved quickly. It is a small space, we need each other.

Communications with others gain importance. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zoom help provide the connections we all crave, but all of these are only available with a good internet connection. We are fortunate right now to be in a place where we can get unlimited data, with reasonable speed. When we are on passage we don't have the same availability. Out at sea we have the satellite phone and we are limited to texts, emails and the weather. With things changing so rapidly this is not a time that I would be happy without our Internet, both for connections with family and friends, but also with the news (in whatever form that takes) but more importantly, the ever-changing rules and regulations concerning countries and their borders.
Rhapsody at the dock, sitting and waiting.

Through it all is a sense of uncertainty. Waiting for the next stage, waiting to move on. What will the next chapter look like? How will the rules be different? What can we retain from this experience that will make life better?

Appreciate what you have and who you can share it with. We are all in the same boat together!

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