Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Wow, Bow Lake

The views in Banff National Park are breathtaking. Every day, every hike is another gift to the senses. These pictures are from Bow Lake. It took me a while to think "Bo"  instead of "bough", as I have been more in a nautical frame of mind.

The mirror-like quality of the lake in the morning and the turquoise grey hue of the glacier fed lake made for a beautiful setting for a hike.

Here  you can see the contrast of the greyness of the feeder creek in the foreground a d the milky blue of the lake further back. Many of the creeks and Rivers in Banff and surrounding  areas are grey from the dissolved limestone.

We hiked alongside the creek on a path marked by rock Cairns. I marvel at the resiliency of the bushes along this area. Part of the year they would be covered in snow, and part of the year they would be underwater in the middle of a raging snow melt fed river, and yet they survive.

At the end of the nice level walk around the lake and across the creek bed the path took a sudden upward turn to get to views of the glaciers and feeding waterfalls.

Glacier on the left, Bow falls on the right, two rivers joining in the middle on their way to Bow Lake.

By the afternoon the breezes were up and the mirror effect was gone, but the emerald color of the lake was enhanced.

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