Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Oh Canada

Conversation with the Canadian Border Guard:

What state are you from?
You had to think about that.
Yes, we actually live on a sailboat, currently in Mexico.
So, you have a house in Texas?
Do you have a house anywhere?
No, we live on our sailboat.
Where have you been primarily for the last six months.
Another pause.
Well, we began by going through the Panama Canal and then worked out way up the Pacific Coast to Mexico.
So you live on your boat?
Ok, welcome to Canada.

Our stay in Victoria was very brief, but long enough to watch these pre-schoolers spontaneously begin swing dancing to a string quartet playing Mozart.

Took the ferry across to Vancouver

and left a wake considerably larger than we do on Rhapsody!

Canadian money is much prettier than the money in the US, although that is not a very tough standard to beat.

International Money Judge:
" And now in the head to head money beauty competition we have the US vs Any other country.
Any other country- do you print money?"
AOC- "Why yes we do"
IMJ "Congratulations- you win!"
AOC "But don't you want to see our money?"
IMJ "No need- you win!"

Got an Airbnb in Vancouver owned by two guys, probably in their late 20's, early 30's. Here is the conversation we had both coming and going;

"Can I help you with your bags? I can take the heavy things."
"No, that's Ok, we can handle it" ( 2 small bags of clothes and a guitar)
"Are you sure? I can carry them for you"
"No thanks, I have it"
"There are a lot of steps and I don't want you to have to carry the heavy things"

Am I starting to look so elderly that I can't handle the bags up a flight of steps?
Not so good for my ego, especially when the same conversation happens twice!

Welcome to Canada!

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