Sunday, March 3, 2019

Guest Blog

This is a post written by our latest guests on Rhapsody. Steve and Kate joined us for two weeks in Panama and the San Blas Islands. They were wonderful guests to have aboard, we truly enjoyed sharing the experience with them.

Our Two Week trip on Rhapsody

It all started when Bob and Sarah came through Yellow Springs in the summer of 2018.  We spent a lovely afternoon hearing about their life in their new home - Rhapsody. “Sure!” we said. “We’d love to come visit, especially when it’s cold and dark here in Ohio.”

We stayed in touch and by the time January 2019 rolled around we had had tickets to Panama City and a 2 week sail to the San Blas Islands was all sketched out.

Bob told us “You can’t bring too little.”  We would underscore that: 2-3 bathing suits, changes of shorts and shirts, spare sunglasses and flip flops were pretty much all we needed.

We spent a couple days touring parks in the Panama City area and collecting supplies and a new dingy – wonderful city life.  Then it was off to the boat!

Life on the boat had a lovely relaxed rhythm – something like swim, breakfast, relax/do something useful, lunch, snorkel, cook, have dinner, play cards or make music – repeat.

We visited 3 or 4 of the island groups in the San Blas Islands – all lovely, culminating in the picturesque Cocos Islands.  The snorkeling – with an amazing variety of fish and coral – was fabulous.
A bunch of bananas we bought from  vegetable boat.

There were tough decisions like should we stay in this beautiful spot one more day or sail over to a nearly neighboring island?
Another tough decision, how many molas should we buy?

Two weeks goes so fast!  Before we knew it we were back to shore with just enough time to take in old Panama City and the Panama Canal before our flight home.  Bob and Sarah tell us their next event will be to take the boat through the Canal and on into the Pacific. Here’s a snap of two smaller boats (followed by a huge container ship) going through the locks.

The trip was great for us.  For one thing, we came home thinking that we wanted to be very intentional about choosing what we wanted to do with what remains of our precious time – that’s something we’re still thinking through.  We do have one tentative idea however – to see if we can’t visit Bob and Sarah again in their floating home – maybe when it gets to someplace like Tahiti!

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Gigi Lassan said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!

Sarah said...

We always do with guests! When are you coming?