Monday, January 15, 2018

Bonaire by Totem

I am going  to totally cheat here. Behan Gifford on Totem wrote such a nice post on Bonaire that I am just going to link to it, primarily because she expresses so well our experience in Bonaire.

A little background : S/V Totem is occupied by a family of 5 and they have been circumnavigating for 9 years now. The children have grown up on the boat and their travels have been well documented on their blog. I discovered their blog when we were just beginning our dream of cruising, about 6 years ago. I have followed their journey ever since, learning and dreaming and hoping. I finally got to meet them in Grenada and we were able to learn about our sails from Jamie.

Next stop was Bonaire and we had the pleasure of mooring next door to Totem for three weeks. They are a delightful family and we had a chance to interact with them all with art and diving and snorkeling and swimming and socializing.

Behan was able to join us on our daily morning swim / snorkel  (swimnorkeling?) adding a new dimension to the experience. She is very good at free diving and we all enjoyed both the swim and the discovery of the sea critters.

So, please read her blog post, she

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