Sunday, February 26, 2017

Would you like the red sweater or the black?

What a difference the wind and waves (or lack thereof) can make. Our next destination is Antigua, almost due East from St. Kitts. We are traveling West to East and the trade winds blow East to West. We wanted to have a calm day to make the passage because it can be very uncomfortable heading straight into the wind. We wished for a calm day, and we got it.
Calm waters as we leave St. Kitts 

The winds are forecast to be 5-8 knots but right now we are getting 11-12, right on the nose, so there is no sailing for us right now, just a nice breeze and and very calm ocean. I get to spend the time exercising, writing in the blog and learning French. I am learning some very helpful phrases such as "Would you like the red sweater or the black?" and "What is your shoe size?". Wonderful conversation starters. Also "I can speak French very well". That should be good for a laugh or two when they hear me try that one out!

We are now sailing past Montserrat and looking forward to exploring it in the future. I can just see the tip of Antigua appearing on the horizon. St. Kitts is still very visible behind us. The sky is virtually cloudless. The only exceptions are clumps of clouds on the horizon.  Each cloud is denoting an island group. We are headed to Antigua and its cloud mass. To our right is a large cloud mass that is Guadeloupe, our next destination after Antigua.

First glimpses of Antigua and accompanying clouds

We are coming into harbor now and seeing lots of masts. There is always an element of uncertainty with every new harbor we approach. Will we find a place to anchor? How deep will it be? How rolly will it be? How long will the dinghy ride to shore be, and will there be a dinghy dock when we get there. All questions that will be answered soon, for this harbor, at this time, only to be re asked at the next harbor we enter.

Exploration is good. 

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