Thursday, April 29, 2021

We did it!

 We broke free of Panama, however Panama did not let go easily. I am tired of posting sad stories, so I will make this one a celebration. I will tell you that our predicted 6 day passage took us 11, and we arrived in the Turks and Caicos battered and exhausted. But that story will have to wait because I am so happy that we made it! I know that the disaster stories (fires, lightning, mechanical failures) are what more people read (you people have issues!) but you are going to have to be patient and celebrate with me. We are finally free of Panama after over a year and five different attempts to leave!

We arrived in Turks and Caicos (TCI) and headed straight to a marina to rest and repair. 

The water color is an amazing turquoise color. Such a change from Panamian waters. 

The marina is under construction now, big plans in the works, but it makes it quiet and small for the time being.

We feel quite safe here with two police boats parked right behind us. One of them heads out for patrol during the day, and one has the night shift. We feel the gentle rocking of their wake when they return in the early morning.

We have done a small bit of exploring Providenciales one of the islands of the TCI, or as it is known here Provo. If you try to say Providenciales you will be told "Don't hurt your mouth, it's Provo". It is a very dry island, the white sand blows over the highway when the winds kick up.

The dry sand in the foreground and the hint of turquoise that is the bay peeking out in the background under the blue of the sky.

And bursts of color from the ever present bougainvillea.

We spent our time running errands, getting our dive tanks hydro tested and then filled, and provisioning for a few weeks out on the water, diving the beautiful clear turquoise waters. The prices of everything on the island has been a bit of a shock. $3 for a pepper, $1.50 for an orange, $1 for a lemon, $3.50 for an avocado just to give a few examples. It sure adds up quickly!

With Rhapsody fixed (stories to come) the crew of two rested, we are ready to explore the underwater side of the Turks and Caicos Islands (hopefully stories to come!)

We love to hear your comments.

Unknown said...

Amazing and impressive. Bold and courageous.

Andrew Holyoke said...

HOORAY! Congratulations! We don’t need no stinking disaster stories......

Mark and Cindy - sv Cream Puff said...

Enjoy TCI - It was one of our favorite stops. We stayed at Turtle Cove Marina. Is this where you are?

I had a good laugh at your comment on prices. If you think that is high, wait until you get to French Polynesia. Try doubling that and you get the idea. I purchased a pack of ham (five slices). It was US$6.00. We arrive in TCI from the Bahamas. We were so happy to actually have food in the shops we didn't care much about the prices. LOL At least they have stuff and there are even choices.

Have you discovered gypsies yet? A great way to get about the island. It is like Uber but without the app. If you need a ride, wait at a bus stop. There aren't any buses on Provo. But, a gypsy will pick you up and it's US$3-5.

sv Cream Puff

Shelly said...

Yay! Finally free. I'm so happy for you both. Maybe a little time for some R&R.

Dad said...

Hey! Keep the E mails coming with pictures. Enjoying your Travels, even your unintended mis-adventures. Love Dad.

Sarah said...

Andy- Unfortunately there are some (semi) disasters to come!
Mark- sorry to hear about the prices in FP! But it a problem I hope to have to put up with in the not too distant future! Not only have we not discovered the gypsies, we have not seen any bus stops (for the non existent busses). We will keep checking for them.