Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Raccoon Picture test

This is one of the many raccoons in the marina. 
When we first arrived in the July 
it was the height of the lockdown. 
No one was about and the raccoons
 were running rampant.
 Up and down the docks, onto boats, 
up on top of buildings, 
there was no stopping them. 
Then the lockdown restrictions eased.
 People started reappearing 
and we watched people out for the evening, 
feeding the raccoons. 
The raccoons disappeared from the docks, 
they didn't need to scrounge on the boats.
 Then the second lockdown happened. 
The people disappeared and the raccoons
 had to go scrounging again. 
We saw them running down the docks and,
 unfortunately we found them on our boat.
 They broke open several bags of rice
 and distributed it everywhere!

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XineM said...

Pesky critters. At least they're polite.