Friday, October 16, 2020

Lightning update- 3 1/2 months in

 On September 1st, the marina charged our credit card for the entire month of September. "Why did they do that?" I wondered, "We are only going to be here another week, two at the most."

On October 1st, the marina charged our credit card for the entire month of October.  I said nothing.

This is the place we have been for almost 4 months.

People are often asking us what percentage of the repairs are done. I feel as if we are the embodiment of the mathematical problem where every day the tortoise progresses halfway to the finish line, how long will it take him to cross the line? By that equation- we are halfway done. And tomorrow we will complete half of what is remaining!

Watching a container ship pass under the Bridge of the Americas after having crossed through the Panama Canal

What is taking so long? Sometimes it seems like we are making wonderful progress and will be done soon, and then something comes up. Incorrect parts delivered, parts that were delivered but were not working and had to be returned or repaired, and then there are times that the workers just do not show up, even after confirming the time and the day that they will come. Day after day of this. To say that this is frustrating is an understatement.

Grackles in a branch along the canal

Many things are installed completely and correctly. Right now we believe that we are down to the programming of the charger/inverter and battery monitor, and a sea trial to calibrate our autopilot and to check out our new instruments and make sure they are functioning as desired. Not much- right? The only problem is that this is how we have been sitting for at least three weeks.

So- how much is done? Well, we are halfway to the finish line. When will we get there? Soon??? We certainly hope so!

In other news, Panama is opening back up. The gender days are gone and most of the stores and restaurants are open again. In the great logic that governments worldwide seem to be using, the casinos are open, but the beaches are not! Most people are wearing masks while out and about, but social distancing is not practiced as widely, particularly on the weekends nights. Restaurants are filling up, of course people are not wearing masks while eating, and people are gathering in large groups out in the parks and walkways. At least it is outside, but Friday and Saturday nights the causeway has bumper to bumper traffic and the sidewalks and the parks are shoulder to shoulder people. Most of them are wearing masks, but not all.

And so we wait. 

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