Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Boobies, boobies and more boobies!

Boobies on the beach, basking in the sun. Big ones, little ones, fuzzy ones, brown ones and lots of boobies with blue feet!

I am, of course, referring to all the birds we saw on Isla Isabela.

Check out a larger map here.

Isla Isabela, one of Mexico's National Parks is an island haven for many kinds of birds, the blue footed booby being one of the most common, along with pelicans and frigate birds. I had always associated BFB's with the Galapagos islands, so it was a real thrill to see them here.

It was a 13 hour motor sail from Puerto Vallarta, not enough wind to turn off the engine and reach the island before Christmas.

We spent a week there and we were the only cruising boat there. We saw three fishermen staying on the island, and on the weekends we saw a few dive boats that came over from the mainland. Other than that, it was just us and the boobies, pelicans and frigates.

On the island were hundreds of Frigate bird nests, many with chicks awaiting their parents.

We were amazed at how close we could get to their nests. Many were built in branches overhanging the hiking trails. The birds appeared undisturbed by our presence.

It was so hot and dry that the majority of birds in their nests had their beaks open as if panting.

The only buildings on the island are from an abandoned research station and these are used by the fishermen when they are staying here.

Off to the east side of the island are two massive rocks.

Rhapsody is anchored to the right of them both, all by her wonderful lonesome!

You can see the evidence of the large bird population. To say these waters are nitrogen rich is an understatement!

Sometimes I am really struck by how prehistoric birds can look!

Looking at the rocks through our much needed sunshades. We made these in Costa Rica from our old sails.  We really didn't miss not having them in the Caribbean with the wonderful cooling trade winds, but now in the Pacific we are very happy to have the cooling shade.

Drone shot of Rhapsody

A fitting farewell from a beautiful spot.

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