Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rivers and Laura and Rhapsody

We had the pleasure of sharing our adventures with Rivers and Laura at the end of their epic trip to Southeast Asia. Admittedly they were a little burned out, having been traveling for three months. We tried to make their time here easy on them, at least they didn't have to keep packing up and moving from place to place.

Rivers had claimed his berth as soon as we bought the boat. He can have it, but he has to share!

Of course any quality yacht will greet you with folded towels, alcohol and chocolates. 

And what could be more appropriate than this? We were so excited when we found the brand. Less so when we tasted it! It was probably the worst tasting rum I have ever had! 

The first few days were spent just hanging out in Prickly Bay.  Then with the threat of a hurricane bearing down on us we headed north to safety.

The upside of that was to position us beautifully for a return to one of our favorite spots, the Tobago Cays.

Beautiful clear blue water, turtles, fish and birds.

Fun to watch and listen to, until they come down the hatch, into the boat and start eating any food that has been left out.

Putting the boat in good hands!

After a while we decided they had rested long enough, and enlisted help with some boat chores.
Rivers let us know that he had cleaned the keel.

Having them aboard made Rhapsody look like a dive boat.

Lots of diving, and games and photo editing lessons.

And then the time comes to leave- always the paperwork. 

It was wonderful to have them with us. I look forward to their return!

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Anonymous said...

The keel looks great!

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