Saturday, June 10, 2017

Picture Story in Carriacou

A picture story of a hike in Carriacou, Grenada

What are these strange things on my feet? Where are my toes? We spend most of our days barefoot, sandals when we go to town, and these full foot enclosures only come out for hikes.

Our destination, the higher of the peaks is Chapeau Carre. It is the second highest peak on Carriacou, the highest peak is one foot higher.

Part of the hike was on the paved road, and then this wide open dirt road passable only in a 4 wheel drive.

On the way up we found this abandoned house

Etched in the foundation was the date 4.12.1929  And since this is not in the US, this probably was December 4th, 1929, not April 12th.

The cistern next to the house provided a nice spot for a rest stop.

The view from the top.

The view of our anchorage was a bit obscured. 

Where the path got steeper we were looking for handholds. Some of the trees were wonderfully smooth and inviting 

Other trees were less friendly to grab

Then there were the trees with critters on them. These are millipedes. I love the spirals, but I was careful not to grab them.

 Another critter we encountered.  Check out the duck - like mouth.

Wonderful flowers all along the hike

More great colors, not sure what these are.

Much better view of the anchorage further down the hill. Beautiful gradations of the water. Rhapsody is somewhere in there, as always toward the back of the pack.

Back in town and everything is painted in the Grenadian flag colors

All left over from last year's celebration of 42 years of Independence, from Feb,7th 1974 to 2016

Even this wonderful Flamboyant Tree got decorated. A classic case of gilding the lily!

Looking up through the Flamboyant foliage to the beautiful blue sky.

Wonderful hike, wonderful weather, I appreciate it every day. I feel so lucky.

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