Monday, December 21, 2015

25 hours of travel

Is it worth it? Driving three hours in the driving rain, at night, by myself. Taking a redeye flight to Charlotte NC. A shortish hop NORTH (?) to Philadelphia. An hour delay on the plane while they bring aboard a mechanic to discover that someone did not close a freshwater intake in the restroom and water was dripping out.  Another flight to USVI. Now we are an hour late. Can we make the last ferry to Tortola?  No problem,  it is only a five minute taxi. That is, in non peak tourism time. Today everyone was out doing their last minute holiday shopping, the traffic was bumper to bumper and the 5 minute taxi turned into 20 minutes, and we arrived at the ferry terminal  5 minutes after the scheduled departure time.  Thank goodness for Island Time. The ferry had not left yet.I was the last one to get on the ferry, but I made it.  Over 25 hours of travel.
Seeing Bob waiting for me at the ferry terminal, and finally getting to the boat answered the question.  Yes, it is all worth it.

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